How long does it take to eat at BOG?

I have an 11:05 lunch reservation at Be Our Guest. I plan to Mobile Order before we get there. How much time should I give us to eat? We’re a family of 4. We’re pretty efficient eaters (if that’s a thing) :slight_smile: Is an hour enough?

I would allow an hour, but would expect to be done earlier with an 11am ADR.

Is it mobile order or pre-order.

pre order

Pre-order from the app. I eat at Chick Fil A a lot with my kids and their app ordering is called MOBILE ORDER. I clearly need to lay off the chick fil a, I’m calling everything mobile order now :rofl::rofl:

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Most other QS restaurants allow mobile ordering. BOG has to be ordered from a browser from your reservation.

I think an hour is good. 75 minutes to be safe. We had an 11:15 reservation and we were at our next attraction by 12:30.

Wow! How did I not know that?? Thanks for the heads up.

If you pre-order, you should be in and out in about 30 - 45 minutes. One thing that can change the length is how much you want to look around.

How long do you think you need for a lunch reservation at 1pm? 5 of us and we will pre-order too.

With an 11am BOG ADR and preordering, we were out in 45 minutes. We did look around at the different rooms.


Last time we went, there was only me and my wife, however all the food was brought at one time, our total time from checking in to when we were back out side was under 40 minutes, including using the bathrooms.

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