How long does it really take to eat at table service?

I am working on my touring plans and need to enter values for how long I expect to eat for our table service reservations. I am wondering what to enter. Factors I am thinking about:

  1. Do they usually sit you right at your reservation time? If not, how late can they run. (I am focusing on lunch.)

  2. I assume they are incentivised to serve you quickly so they can get more butss in seats during the day, but I also recognize that it can get crowded at meals times. How slow is the service?

  3. All-in-all, is entering 60 minutes into the touring plan optimizer for a table service meal enough time. If not, what do you think it should be?

  4. What about counter service? Is 45 minutes enough?

FYI: We are a family of 4 with two boys 7, and 10, who won’t dawdle, so they should not be the slow part of the meal.

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Hello. Here’s my thoughts.

  1. Our experience is that if we book the first ADR of the meal period (so 11 or 11:30, depending on which time they open), we will be seated very close to the time. For every 30 minutes after the open time, I would add 10 minutes at least. For example, when we have eaten at Yak & Yeti at open time, we were seated on time and out the door in about 45 minutes. Same at Sci-Fi. In May we had a 12:30 ADR at Yak & Yeti, and it took at least 20 min after that time to get seated, and then took us 75 minutes to eat. The problem is people linger long after they are done, especially when it is hot outside.
  2. Every restaurant is different. Every day is different. Again, we have better service and less time in the restaurant if eating at the start of lunch service.
  3. I would put 60 min for lunch if you have an early ADR, like 11 am. 90 minutes if you are eating an hour into that time (so 12:30 or later) or if going to a character meal. Character meals may take longer than other non-character meals, as you are at the mercy of whenever the characters show up.
  4. 45 min should be enough for counter service.
    Have a great trip!

Mama Melrose takes ages. We were 2hrs the last time. TH can be done in 60 if seated on time but I always allow 90 for ts and 60 for qs. This allows for any delays on our part and gives us breathting space so we don’t feel rushed. I would rather have too much time than not enough. Mama Melrose always seats late up to 30 mins at times

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I would budget 75 minutes at TS so you don’t feel rushed.

There are simple ways to save time though: order your entire meal at once instead of course by course, and request the check before you’ve finished so you can have that dealt with by the time you’re done eating.

I have also spent more than two hours at Rose and Crown for a lunch that I was seated on time! I think it depends: will you get apps and dessert?- add 45 minutes!

This has been very helpful. Thank you to everyone!