How long do you really have to use park tickets?

Hi there. We are looking at purchasing 8 day base tickets. I read that you have 12 days to use them. I am looking at putting the start date a few days before our trip begins as it ends up being cheaper if we start the days before our trip. Let’s say I put the start date as October 1, do I have through October 12th to use my 8 days? Meaning can I use my ticket on October 12th or do I have to use it by end of day on October 11th? Sorry that may sound complicated. Thanks!!

When you purchase them it will tell you the dates it will be valid for.

I can’t demonstrate it for 10/1 because that has passed. But let’s use today, 10/8, as your start date.

When you select the date it will pop up with information at the bottom telling you the dates for which the tickets are valid, like this:

@OBNurseNH showed how you can tell when you purchase, but you can just count number of days, INCLUDING the first day the ticket is valid for. Which means, if you buy on Oct. 1, you have THROUGH Oct. 12, because that is 12 days.

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Thanks! So that would mean I can use them on the 19th of October for example correct?

Yes for a ticket that start on 10/8 you can use it on 10/19

Yeah you can do that but I don’t trust myself enough LOL
Have I mentioned being math-impaired?

Thanks! So that means I could use the ticket on October 12th correct?

Yes. Correct.

Do you already have this ticket? Is that why you’re asking? It should say in your MDE the eligible dates, too! :smiley:

No I do not. I was just giving dates as a random example.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

In my Disney research I read that somewhere as an option to save a little money. So, that should work.
I know I ended up postponing our trip by a week because the water park at Windsor was being refurbed for part of our trip. I had to pay extra money because I moved into a busier time.
Me, I love me some rest days.