How long do refillable mugs last (on check-out day?)

Hi, folks. We’ll be at CBR for 3 nights. If I buy a 3-day refillable mug on the Friday night of our arrival, say, at 7 pm, when does my ability to use the drink machines end? Is it good until Monday at 7pm = 3x 24 hours? Or do they figure the time differently? Thank you!

I could be wrong but if I remember correctly, I think I was told it stops working at midnight…anybody know for sure???

Each “day” ends at 11:59 pm. No matter what time you buy it on Friday, your 3 day mug will expire at 11:59 pm on Sunday night. Something to consider when deciding whether or not it’s worth it.

I thought I’d heard of some people be able to buy extensions for split stays. HAs anyone else heard that?

The mugs are good at any of the resorts, so you just buy it for whatever time works for you. I think it’s 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or length of stay. We had a split stay and it worked just fine. I also did a resort tour and took my mug with me. I had no problems using it at other resorts.

I know I read when it first came out that day 1 ended at midnight of the day you bought. Day three would end at midnight of your second full day.

That is really helpful to know! So in our case, it might be more frugal to buy a 3-day mug on Saturday, to use Sat, Sun, and Mon when we will be at the resort a lot (checking out on Monday) instead of Friday night when we have a late arrival.


Going off of the same topic- aren’t there some kind of limits on the amount of times you can use the mug? For example, I can only fill up twice a day or something??

It’s unlimited refills, but you do have to wait several minutes between refills (I’m not sure of the exact time).

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Maybe you’re thinking of a regular cup for soda? I read that those also have a chip. You’re allowed three refills in an hour and then the cup deactivates.