How long do i schedule for meals?

I’m trying to optimize my touring plans, but not sure how long to leave for meals. I have a Crystal Palace lunch and a Liberty Tavern dinner scheduled. How long for each?

I have found all TS meals usually take at least an hour, but most likely 90 minutes is a safe plan.

Thanks. It seems like a terribly long time to sit at a meal with a 2 yr old… We’ll see how it goes.

CP may be easier since the characters will come by and there usually is a parade where all the kids march around the restaurant with the characters. Enjoy!

I always seem to forget to factor in about 15 minute average wait b4 seated time. Doesn;t always happen, but certainly plenty of times. With 2yr old, we chose (as you have) adrs that offered fun distractions. also, if there was a seating wait one of the adults would take her for a little minnie walk (ha ,no pun intended), got call on cell when table ready,.