How long do Easter Decorations stay up?

How long do they usually leave their decorations up after Easter? We are are planning an April trip and are considering extending it a few days if we would get to see the decorations.

As far as I know there are no Easter Decorations per say. There is however the Flower and Garden Festival which has all types of hedges in the shapes of Disney Characters and flowers all over the parks. This is the time I and my wife go and it is beautiful at that time of year. You Love it!

Isn’t there some type of egg hunt in Epcot?

Sorry, I am unsure on that. We generally attend the first part of March and the Flower and Garden Fes. is on then. I believe it lasts through April. There may be an Easter thing but as far as the Park Decorations go, I have never heard of an Easter theme. Others many be able to help better on this issue.

Yes, there is an Egg-stravaganza which is basically the same concept as the Ratatouille Hide & Dwueak Scavenger Hunt That they do for the Food & Wine Festival - you buy a map and find eggs, place stickers in the correct countries and get a prize at the end. The maps are about $6, with discount available for AP holders.