How long can you park at CR with an ADR (I.e. the Wave)?

If you have, say a 6pm ADR for Wave, can you arrive at 4pm and stay through park close? (I.e. for a MNSCHP)? I read somewhere that you have to also pay valet to do this ($33?). I recall @OlafsDad saying he did a 1 person ADR and paid the $10 no show fee just to park at CR. What are the rules? What rules are enforced?

Technically it’s 3 hrs or so.

Best way would be to ask if you can valet park.

Will they enforce the rules? Possibly not, but I have seen them tow cars before. That’s probably unlikely but during party nights they will be looking for cars overstaying. And maybe charge you for valet anyway. Or some sticker stuck on your windscreen?

Look at it this way, how happy would you be to find you couldn’t park when you got back to your resort? Even if they gave you free valet parking, looking for a space and then trying to sort it out would be a nightmare.

Play fair is what I’m saying.

I think buying a $125 TS dinner instead of cheaper QS in park is playing fair, IMO, and parking car to 10pm with a 6pm res is reasonable.

Using your fairness logic, most things sanctioned on this forum would be deemed unfair as they similarly negatively impact other paying guests: ie: hoarding multiple ADRs, late night lotto, racking up FPs from storms. The latter two increases SB waits, and the former makes many non liner guests not get the ADRs they seek.

Appreciate your perspective, though, and I am feeling free to disagree, just as folks have felt free to disagree with me when I similarly wagged my finger at others for using leading reservations (getting something of value without paying for it).

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Fair enough. You can disagree, I don’t mind. But you did say “can I?” Officially the answer is no. You can stay for the duration of your meal and looking around the resort.

Originally you said your ADR was at 4pm, not 6pm. And you also said until the end of the party, so after midnight, not 10pm.

Like I said, tough luck for anyone staying there and not being able to park when they return. Do they circle the parking lot for 3 hours until the party finishes? Go and park at the TTC and have to retrieve it later?