How long are busses taking from Pop Century to MK and AK

Curious as to how long busses are taking to get to MK and AK from Pop Century during Covid. Are people having to wait for multiple busses to get to park opening? What is bus capacity like?

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I’m potentially staying here in December so I too am curious.

I totally didn’t notice a difference. We took the bus to AK on our last trip and the longest wait was waiting for mor people to come to the bus stop. Mind you, we did not RD. I imagine it may take longer when the crowds are higher heading that way.

We stayed at POP in October. There were very very long lines waiting for the buses about a hour before we were told they began to run. We sat on the ground in line and ate our breakfast. Once the buses started to arrive there was one after another and they even loaded two buses at a time. Although there was probably only about 20 people on each bus, the line moved surprising quickly. We made it to rope drop both our MK day and AK day. (And by rope drop I mean we were in the parks before posted opening time.)

That’s very helpful. How long did it take from boarding the bus to arrival at the front gate? Curious as to what time we should get in the bus line relative to opening for AK & MK.

I would say that including the walk from the bus to the front gate it was 20 to 30 minutes. I didn’t check the time as it was happening, but that would be my best estimate.
If you are planning to eat at the resort before going to the park make sure you order early. We would tap that we were there before we left the room. Even with that if we had a order with several hot items it wasn’t always ready in a timely fashion. And the line for refills of drinks or even a single cup of coffee was long. You can not refill or pour your own coffee, a cast member will give you a new paper cup every time.

That food recommendation may be more valuable than my original question. Thanks!!