How likely to be sat together?

This is my first time travelling with a larger party. We are a party of 9 this time. For 2 of our ADRs I ended up having to book a party of 5 and a party of 4 within 10 min of each other. How likely do you think we are to be sat together? I’m prepared to be split up if we have to, we have 5 adults and 4 kids so there are numerous ways we can split the groups but I’m curious if anyone has had luck asking to be together?
Our two that are split are
Jungle Navigation Co for a dinner at 3:50/4:00
Tiffins for dinner at 4 and 405. (this one will hopefully be fixed when ROL comes out)

Anyone with thoughts or experience? I’ve never been to either of these so I’m unfamiliar with the size/layout of the dining room.

I haven’t been to those 2 specifically, but it’s a good idea to go to the restaurant an hour or so before to give them the heads up. They will do their best to get you tables close to each other, if they can’t seat you all together.

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Fully agree with the above advice - CMs will often go above and beyond to fulfill guest requests if they are made politely and with advance notice.

I just did this at the beginning of July. We had a party of 9 and I had to split a Via Napoli reservation for 5/4 and a Sci Fi reservation for 7/2. We were sat together without a problem at both restaurants. Because of our touring plans - we also didn’t get to the restaurants more than 5-10 minutes early. Both restaurants were very gracious. We would have been fine if the request wouldn’t have been honored, but it was not a problem.

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Thanks! Both of these are reservations when we are just getting to our afternoon park so checking in an hour early won’t be possible. It is nice to hear they were accommodating anyway. I’m hopeful that since those are not high traffic dinner times we will have some luck. If not, no big deal. My MIL can sit with the grand kids :joy:

You’re eating pretty early so I’m sure it won’t be a problem.

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