How late will fantasmic fp+ be available?

Can anyone give me a feeling of when fantasmic FP+ sell out. I hate to use a tier 1 selection on that. I'm thinking of gettting to HS at rope drop, doing some of the attractions and then taking a break around lunch time. I would get my additional FP+ at that time.

Will Fantasmic still be available?


I can't answer your question, however, I have seen many many reports that the fp for that is useless. You still have to line up really early and it has no reserved seating.

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When we were there in November 2013, the FP+ people were lined up in the middle of the entrance way, and were allowed to enter way before us lowly non FP+ people. The only things left were the side sections. If we're going to see Fantasmic, I want to be in a good seat.

Last fall the fast pass got you a special section, that isn't the case any more. Now it just guarantees you entry and no seat. I wouldn't eliminate an afternoon of 4, 5,... FastPasses with it

I believe Kenny the Pirate reported that it's almost always available as a 4th and 5th option for FPP.

What does that(4th or 5th) equate to, roughly, for a time of day? 2:00? 4:00?

Here is his latest post on Fantasmic. I believe I saw the FPP availability comment on his facebook page last week.