How late is too late to eat?

I’m trying to plan ADR for dinner on nights we want to see fireworks (illuminations,jingle jam, etc) and was wondering if anyone could give estimates on how long dinners at table service restaurants take. 2 hours? I’m trying to take into account the time it takes to find a viewing spot too .

It depends on where and what you order. Most people plan an hour to 90 minutes

Most times you’ll be out in an hour but planning 90 mins allows for delays being seated/poor service. Buffets can be as quick as you like but it can take an hour to see all characters. Signatures, allow 90 mins minimum, they may take longer.

I would plan 90 mins minimum. To calm my nervous self I would build in 2 hrs

I plan for 90 minutes at TS restaurants for the same reasons everyone else gave. And I plan for 30 minutes to find a viewing spot for fireworks (others might allow more time for this part).

My “general” planning for TSs is 60 min for lunch, 90 min for dinner (to allow for apps or dessert), and 2 hours for signature. The amount of time needed to find a viewing location is really going to vary with park and CL. On a low CL at EP, I’ve gotten a good spot 15-20 min before. But at MK on a high CL day, an hour may not be enough time for a “good” spot. At DHS, for F!, if you don’t have a dining package, you need to get there at least 30-60 min ahead, depending on CL, how many shows, and which show you’re attending. Can’t comment on the projection shows as I haven’t been since they started them.

Also, don’t forget to factor in time it takes to be seated! Our last trip we had to wait 30 minutes past our reservation time for a 7:45 reservation at Le Cellier. We didn’t plan to see the fireworks that night, so we were fine, but I definitely heard lots of grumblings from people around us.

For me, a signature meal is more of an “event” than just a “meal” (often the highlight of the day) and I don’t want to feel rushed through it. I typically schedule them as the last event of the day, after touring is done. If I plan on seeing a PM show, I’ll usually do a regular TS for dinner. At DHS I do HBD at lunch. If I’m at EP and want to do Le Cellier or Monsieur Paul, I plan a very early dinner and then do some touring before Illuminations starts. I’ve also done Le Cellier several times for lunch.