How late can you be for a VQ appointment?

We will be traveling from out of town and our first stop will be Epcot to try to ride GOTG. If we try for and get a VQ reservation at 7am, and our group is called at let’s say 11am, but we don’t actually arrive to the park and scan in for the ride until let’s say 3pm…would they not let us get in?

Trying to decide whether to plan on arriving at 12:45pm to just try for the 1:00pm VQ lottery or trying at 7:00am to maximize our chances…but if we miss our boarding group and they don’t let us ride that would be disappointing. Has anyone ever been turned down for arriving too late for a VQ?

I have seen plenty of reports so far of people riding late - sometimes hours late - and none of anyone being turned away. You can’t pick your time so they really have to let you ride.

But I think the 1pm BGs have been hanging round a while and may not be difficult to get. Other people will know more than me.

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Not that I’ve heard of. I’ve heard stories of people arriving 5+ hours late when Rise was doing a VQ and still being able to ride.

We were 5 1/2 hours after our BG was called. Tap turned blue and CM said “you’re a little late” then sent us through.

We were late to Rise several times and they never said a word.


Good to know, thanks everyone. We will try for a VQ at 7:00am in that case!

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Yep on WDW Chat people have been posting almost daily regarding being late for their GotG BG. The only downside is having to wait longer in some cases, up to an hour I’ve seen.

We had great luck going to GOtG VQ line late, shortly before closing both on a regular day and in extra evening hours and finding it almost a walk-on. We were about an hour past our window in EEH and no problem at all.