How late can you arrive for Indiana Jones and the Frozen Singalong?

If I don’t care about seating, how late can I arrive for the Hollywood Studios shows? I’m looking at days that are 4-7 level crowds. Do these shows “sell out?” Is it possible to walk up right at show time?

I don’t think they let folks in for Frozen Singalong after it begins. It’s a closed theater. We’ve arrived just a few minutes before the doors closed (CMs encouraging - hurry! you can still make this one!) and been okay but the show does for sure sell out at times.

On the other hand Indiana is open air, and I believe people can come and go from that one more easily. I’ve never seen that theater full.


Amazing - this is super helpful, thank you! I want to see the shows, but not enough to wait more than 15 minutes for them. haha, and ideally, I’d just walk up at showtime and sit in the back row.

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You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Disney guests are notorious for not following directions. Hence they do not move all the way to the end of the row when filling theaters, leaving vacant seats on the other side of center stage. On our most recent trip - when the CM was encouraging us to hurry - we ended up with seats very close to the stage at the last minute, close enough that my kids interacted with one of the actors (Equity Ben, if you’ve heard of him).


haha, I have NOT heard of Equity Ben.

But great news about people not following directions!

Yep. Right up to the start. They let people into both IJ and Frozen after they started yesterday. Equity Ben is great. He generally does performances up to the 1430.

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I would like to see a mashup of “Indiana Jones and the Frozen Singalong”.

But maybe not with melting Nazis, that might upset Olaf.

I think this show sounds quite intriguing and something you might have found in the nightlife at the old Pleasure Island (if, of course, we could have seen into the future for the Frozen part… or is that where the movie came from, hmmmmmm???)

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Even though I had never seen the film, my DD19 and I thoroughly enjoyed Frozen Live Sing-a-Long. We walked right in mainly because that day HS was at a 3-4. I would wait up to 30 min to see it again. So Fun!

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This was one we went to that was specifically for my daughters, but I enjoyed it more than they did. It was so funny!

Frozen was awesome. My family refused to do it when we went last time. I told them I’d meet them afterwards. I had a blast - it was so funny and the air conditioning was great. I found my family melting outside later on. DD finally agreed to do it with me this trip.

My DH requests Frozen every trip! He’s never seen the movie. :slight_smile: