How late can I be for an ADR?

I have an ADR for BoG for supper, 5:10pm. My TP has us getting there at 5:20pm. So I wonder, how late can I be before a restaurant considers me to have “skipped” the reservation and both charges me the $10 late fee and forfeits my table? On a similar note, can I be early for an ADR and still get in, and by how much?

When we had dinner at Narcooses we were like 30 minutes late but called on the way to let them know and everything was fine!! We had gotten lost. I’m not sure about such a popular restaurant though.

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The “official” Disney policy is that you have 20 minutes for an ADR. I was somewhere between 30-40 minutes late for an ADR at Sanaa and was seated after another 15 minute wait. My feeling is that you will not be charged if you show up sometime within the same meal seating, but you also might not get seated. I am confident that ten minutes is not going to make a difference one way or the other, but I wouldn’t go beyond that for BoG or you might have a long wait ahead of you.

As for showing up early, you can always give it a shot. I have heard reports of people showing up early and getting seated right away, whereas other people have tried it and waited not only until their ADR, but sometimes even well beyond. For a busy restaurant like BoG or CRT, showing up early is unlikely to help you, but other places might seat you early without a problem. I am never early, though, so I don’t know for sure!