How is this one-day plan for Tuesday 4/26?

Hi! I’m going to visit my son (who’s in the DCP), and my sister is joining me. (She hasn’t been to WDW since 1985 on choir tour and wasted her day on… well, that’s a long story. Anyway. She has not had a good time at WDW.)

We have one-day PH’s gifted from my son, so they’re not like regular park admission, and I can’t figure out how to link the PH’s to my MDE yet. (They WERE linked, but DS’s co-workers kept telling him they were yinky, so he went to Guest Services and got them fixed, and now they’re not linked any more. We really do have park reservations for AK, though… I’m told.)

And I’m very bad with technology and hate having to fool with my phone any more than absolutely necessary. Last September I gave up on Touring Plans (the app, not the fabulous forum) because I just could not figure out how to make a “touring plan” work. I probably threw off the statistics for the whole first day in the MK because I accidentally marked the first 5 or 6 attractions as “done” when I hadn’t even gotten through Space Mountain’s queue.

But my sister is great with technology, so if she needs to figure out Genie+, let me know. She can probably do it.

SO… here’s the plan:
Tuesday, April 26: Animal Kingdom
Resort guests are supposed to be able to get in at 7:30, but my son tells me he can’t get us signed in to the park before 8:30.
So: 8:30: Get into Animal Kingdom, go straight to Kilimanjaro Safaris.
Then go straight to Expedition Everest.
Hopefully buy an Individual Lightning Lane to Flight of Passage for Dear Son and Fabulous Sister
Explore Maharajah Jungle Trek
Take Fabulous Sister and Dear Son to Flight of Passage
Watch the bird show (both Dear Son and Fabulous Sister are huge bird nuts)
Check out the trails around the Tree of Life that I’ve never gotten to in the last 25 years
Get out of Animal Kingdom and go take a nap


Then go to Epcot
Hopefully get there around 4:00 p.m.
World Showcase traipsing
7:20 p.m. reservation at Creperie de Paris
more World Showcase traipsing
Mission: Space
Back to the resort

How’s that? Can I get that done? Or do I need to tell my sister to get Genie+ and try to do Lightning Lanes for the safari, the Everest, the Soarin’, and the Mission: Spacing?

Oh! Also: Where do I find the Alice in Wonderland ears, and are there any MagicBands in the world? My sister wants a gadget.

Thank you for your critiques. (Please be gentle.) :grinning:

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P.S. – We have Wine Bar George for Monday night, California Grill for Wednesday night, and Kona Café for Thursday morning before we leave, just to show that it’s not all crepes and snacks. :laughing:

I would absolutely get g+ if you are arriving “late” to AK and want to accomplish all of that before hopping to Epcot. KS will be over 60 minute wait for sure.

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Crud. I’m going to have to ask Guest Services to help me when I get checked in at the resort, then, I guess. I have no idea how to buy Genie+ if the PH’s aren’t linked to my MDE before we get to the AK the next morning. Thanks for the advice, though! I really appreciate it! :grinning:

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Mission: Space?? You are really brave to take your sister on that really tight ride, if you’re trying to show her the good things about WDW. :grinning: Would you do the orange (spinning) side or the green?

Or do you mean Spaceship Earth?


No, Mission: Space. We both love roller coasters and thrill rides, and I was very happy to find out last September that I still love Mission: Space. :smiley:

(We went to Dollywood about seven years ago, and Fabulous Sister bought the fastpass thingies that Dollywood had at the time. When the guest services person handed the doodads to us, she said, “All right, ladies, are you ready to see some shows?” And we both looked at each other incredulously and said, “Uh, we’re ready to ride some coasters!” which surprised her, because we’re older ladies. And by the way, Dollywood has some serious roller coasters, and I do recommend them. They’re very thrilling.)


Great! You’re not alone. I’m old enough to do Medicare, and I still love coasters, etc. Unfortunately, the last few years DH has become bothered by motion sickness on some things, so I have to ride alone, which isn’t as fun.

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I think this all sounds fabulous! You may have to wait for KS for a little bit but morning is generally good. If you do ILL for FOP that will cut your only potentially really long line of the day, and single rider EE would help too. Everything else seems pretty “do as you go” or shows which you just have to time based on show time. Soarin would be the only other wild card but just ride whenever wait gets down amongst your WS traipsing if it is long when you get to the park. Have so much fun!!

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Please let’s try to say hello. I have a HS reservation but would be happy to meet you somewhere outside of the parks for even a brief hello if we can make it work!

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Absolutely! I’ll be there Monday-Thursday; surely we can find a time and place to say hello!

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