How is the skyliner doing?

So, the skyliner is up and running and I don’t see a lot about it on the news. How is it doing? I’m really unsure if I want to take it for my trip in a month—but it was integral to my plans before.

We rode it a day before the “crash” and we LOVED it. I would totally hop on it again. It’s fast, smooth and an overall nice ride. It’s enclosed but the window vents are open so you can feel the breeze blowing through your hair. We are planning our next trip so that we can be at a resort hat it is connected too.

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We stayed at AoA and Pop and rode it when possible, with results as follows:

16th - down for planned maintenance so couldn’t ride, would have taken the bus anyway as we wanted to do EEMH at HS and the SL doesn’t start that early (any more)

17th-19th - at Universal

20th - rode to and back from HS, 20 mins room to park. Excellent!

21st - at MK, took the bus

22nd - rode to RCB, tried to change for EPCOT but that line had just gone down. Replacement bus service had us there (at the “wrong” entrance mind!) within about 20 mins. Rode it back with no problems at all at park closing.

23rd - at AK, took the bus

24th - rode to EPCOT (25 mins from front desk), then later from there to HS (20 mins between stations), then back to Pop (<10 mins between stations). Some very small delays but as you can see overall travel times remained good.

N.B. One of the advantages is that there is a small spur line in each station they use to load ECVs - so this doesn’t much affect the running of the remaining gondolas. Loading time and continuous operation are the big advantages over the bus!

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Same company that built the skyliner, i’ll pass

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That is disturbing indeed

Sad story regarding an incident at the 5K, but a good reminder that lots of activities, including just living your life, come with hazards:

We were there from 10/22-10/29. The husband rode from HS to Epcot on 10/24 and the whole fam rode from HS to Epcot on 10/28. No delays or waits!

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The site currently has Caribbean Resort #4 on it’s list of moderate resorts. Do you think with the skyliner that will bump it up the list? Is the Skyliner that great for getting around?

Where can we find the operating hours of the skyliner?

Rode on 11/1. Went from HS to Caribbean Beach but unfortunately, was hoping to go to Epcot and the Epcot line was down. At Caribbean Beach, walked to the bus stop in Jamaica to get a bus to Epcot. The time on the board originally showed 15 minutes but then jumped to 30 minutes as we sat there and the crowd at the bus stop kept growing. We eventually bailed and went via Minnie Van.

The ride from HS to Caribbean was really nice. No wait, very smooth and we highly enjoyed it. The cluster that awaited us at CBR when we then tried to get to Epcot was a pain.

This is the latest I could find:

It says normal operating hours are 8:00am - 10:30pm. However, hours are always subject to change. Be prepared to take an alternate mode of transportation if the Skyliner is closed for whatever reason.

We stayed at CBR last week and rode the skyliner on 4 different days. Smooth sailing. From our room to hollywood studios it took 9 mins! No waiting. After fireworks at night it was fast with lines moving quickly. I didnt even need to wake my toddler to fold the stroller… just rolled him right on. My opinion…its a game changer!


We just returned yesterday from our trip and took the Skyliner over the weekend just for fun. It was fast and efficient.


We are here now staying at POP. We rode the Skyliner this morning to DHS. The lined moved quickly once they started loading passengers which wasn’t until 8:10 am. However, it was a quick ride to DHS—12 minutes!


We rode to Epcot and back from Pop twice on 10/30, and from HS to Pop on 10/31 and 11/01. The Skyliner was one of our favorite parts of the trip. So fun and convenient! However we did notice the Epcot line being down, luckily it didn’t affect our plans. I can see it being a big problem if outages continue to be frequent.


Rode it a few times weekend before last. Really liked it! Had one or two little hold ups - like 2-3 minutes. Otherwise, very smooth and enjoyable. Yes - and lines moved quickly!! We also had our own car on the trips.


Does anyone know how smoothly (or not) things go after the fireworks?

I’ve never had a problem (2 week long visits), but we weren’t trying to leave right after the fireworks. It probably makes a difference which park you’re in and the CL. If you plan to stick around in the park for an hour afterward you’d miss the big exodus.

Does it start operating at 8?

The times that were posted for operation were 8:30 am until 10:30pm for both lines.