How is HS during evening EMH?

On our only HS day, we won't be able to arrive until around 12:30-1:00pm. Crowd level is a 4 and there are evening EMH that night, which we plan on attending. What can I expect as far as wait times, esp in the evening? I will schedule FPP for the afternoon so we can do TSMM, but I'm wondering about TOT in particular, as I will have kids who want to ride that over and over. Thanks

Check out this link on the TP website -- you can put in your dates, and it will give you predicted wait times for that particular attraction:

In general, if there are evening EMH, late afternoon will be fuller than usual.

Hope this helps!

We've definitely ridden ToT over and over and over (and over) during EMH. Especially towards the tail end of EMH, where you can ride and re-load relatively quickly. Depends on time of year, I suppose, but evening EMH has always worked well for our group

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