How is Disney making any money at all?

That’s fine. That’s why res finder is so helpful. Things often open up the day or 2 before.

I feel like’s it’s always been like this. Also, we have always found a ton of reservations open up on site for the next day between 10 pm and midnight when people cancel last minute so they won’t be charged. I don’t love that some people book many reservations per day that they have no intention of ever keeping, but it does make sense to book a little generously expecting that you’ll end up cancelling some of your reservations when you realize they won’t fit your plans.


For my on-site stay in September when I did bookings (60+7), everything was available. No issues getting anything we wanted. (2 people)

It is harder - especially for more than 2 people - to get the hard to get for an off-site stay. I use Reservation Finder in that case. Even then, I find it much easier when I only need to book 2 people vs 3 or more.

We have 5 days off-site and Res Finder came thru to get the things we wanted in the time frame we planned for. (…I kinda forgot about booking for the latter part of the trip until about 57 days out)

Edit to add re comment above - for sure people make extra bookings! I have a few and will drop once we decide which we will actually use. (I find it funny it will let you book reservations that are within 10 mins of each other…)

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Just to clarify, I personally don’t book duplicates for a meal period. I know there are a lot who do, but that’s not my thing.

My extras are usually booking 2-3 meals for a day (usually breakfast and dinner, occasionally lunch in the mix) knowing that I’m going to ultimately do 1 max per day - and then the extra meal or meals are dropped.

My duplicates this time, like I said, are new to me this trip and I may indeed want to visit twice with multiple items I like.

In any case, I release as soon as possible.

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Wondering here, do resort guests get advantages for booking, like does Disney hold them open only for resort guests before going to others?

If that is the case then does booking 1 hotel stay then a dining reservation then you cancel the room, does that affect the dining reservation?

Also I am guessing DR is dining reservation but what is the A in ADR?


The A is advanced. Yes there is a advantage to resort guests - you can book all your onsite days (up to 11) 60 days before check in day. Off site have to book at exactly 60 days before.

If you cancel the room once it’s already 60 days or less, before all your dining reservations, nothing happens. You keep them.

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Thank you @missoverexcited

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Sometimes we may be in the park and realize we’re just not hungry or don’t want to leave and cancel;
It’s not ideal, but it happens and it’s pixie dust for someone else!


Use the “Join Walkup List” in MDE. I was in the same situation for my trip this past May, I couldn’t get any reservations I wanted. Did the walkup list and was able to get 'Ohana at dinner and a Topolino breakfast.

The only downside is you need to be close to the restaurant to join the list.

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You could also get one of those fake GPS apps for your phone.

I never used it Disney, but LegoLand CA won’t even show you wait times until you are in the park. So I got it to get a feel for wait times before we arrived. I think some people used it at Universal for their boarding passes since you had to be near Universal to get them.

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