How is Disney making any money at all?

I’m doing some practice runs for my ADR booking for December. Best to be prepared, eh?

Anyhoo, my conclusion is this. There are no restaurants operating at Walt Disney World.

I cannot find an ADR for any time on any date at any restaurant.

Well, OK, that’s a marginal exaggeration. But I can’t find any ADRs for anywhere I actually want to go. I’m looking at 60 days from now. Nothing. Nada.

Was it always like this? I don’t remember it being this hard.


A few problems.

One, not every restaurant has reopened. We are close, but still not quite.

Two, Disney is booking up at or above prepandemic levels according to recent reports, which means more people fighting over fewer reservations.

Three, more folks are using leading reservations, since securing at 60 + LOS isn’t producing results.

Four, staffing issues continue, which means even those restaurants open aren’t necessarily able to operate at full capacity.


That sucks and I hate reports like this. They need to close the leading res loophole. What ate you trying to get and how far out?

We’ve been there mid-October the last couple years and have found ADR availability very limited at/around 60 days. How many people are you trying to get on your reservation?

I’m just seeing what’s available at 60 days from now. I’m looking at popular stuff, but still.

No: CM, CG, TH, AP, S220

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4 people

As I say, this is just a trial. My trip isn’t until December.

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Yeah, it might be better in early December. For whatever reason, post-pandemic mid-October has been nutty. I had been assuming it was getting an ADR for 6 was what was making it hard, but I think it is heavy crowds that want a break in AC.


At 60 you’re not going to get those. If you’re at 60+5 and cant get those were in trouble.


I also had very limited availability at my 60+ day mark. My daily task now is to check a couple times in the evenings what reservations pop up for tomorrow. I’m not there now but I feel like there is better availability for some of the places I wanted from people cancelling the night before than there was at my 60+ day mark


I feel like I should know this, but what is a leading reservation?

It is when you book a hotel stay that you intend to cancel that overlaps with your real hotel stay so that you can book ADRs at 60+10 instead of 60+5 for example

The best I’ll have is 60+4.

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My 60+5 priority was B+C but after I booked a couple of these (will cancel what doesn’t work with schedule later). I was able to get S220 at 60+4 and AP at 60+5 and could have gotten CG. My brain can’t remember what CM and TH are right now. In my night before checks, I’m seeing CG on a regular basis (and SciFi and B+C not that you are interested in these ones). Have not seen Space220 the night before yet. Of course this is for late September which is going to be lower than your crowd levels presumably

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Also: No Sci-Fi. Or CRT.

CRT had fairly wide availability at 60+5 for me and also seems to pop up regularly the night before

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Wrong. Also: wrong.

Found B&C at 60 days.

Whe I booked a few restaurants (like Sci Fi and Ohana) were actually not opened for booking. It was strange. I set an alert and then all.of a sudden all the availability opened.

I use Mouse Dining just to look at current availability. Helps to see some trends like this - that for some reason it isnt even open yet. Frustrating when you lose the onsite advantage because the restaurant isn’t booking.

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Really good to hear.

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For me (sorry folks) I book a few reservations each day, and as I get closer to the vacation and shore up my plans, I cancel what I don’t think I’m going to use. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


I think the vast majority of us do this.

I even have a couple that are duplicates because right now there is more than one visit’s worth I like on the menu and it is new to me. But if the first visit isn’t great or I don’t want to take the time again to go back, I’ll drop it.

I look at it as pixie dust for someone looking while they’re there - the same way I have benefited from others doing the same for some places I have gotten during a visit.