How impractical would it be to stay at Swolphin for Orlando Informer events?

I have Dec. 3 and 4 evenings booked for OI events, currently booked at Sapphire. However, I have now bought WD AP and will be 2 nights away from Marriot Titanium status at that point? Solo trip and would have to Uber late nights.

We did it from Boardwalk in June with a limo service. It was easy.

@Jenny, thanks! What do you think of the burring late at night as solo female?


I feel very safe in Universal and Disney

Hmmm I’m reminded of the scene from Zombieland Double Tap. I’d prolly do it myself but I think it’s always a risk.

I’ve been ubering/lyfting a lot lately (whichever is cheaper) and it’s been all good experiences.

You could maybe do a car service if it made you feel safer but they are much more expensive. Not sure about official cab companies these days.

There are Marriott properties closer to UOR. I’m 99% sure there is some low end brand one across the street from the parking garages that you could even walk to.


I’ll check that out!

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