How important is it to make FP+ resies 60 days out?

We’re going to be camping in a natl park at 60 days out. I’m wondering if I’ll be ok waiting until I have internet access? or should I bribe a friend to make resizes for me:)?

Which ones are you trying to get? And how locked into specific times are you?

It’s just my husband and I so pretty much adult rides - the Mountains at MK, tower of terror, star tours and rockn roller coaster, epcot - soarin mission space orange, AK - Everst, Kali RR, Safari. Not locked into specific times. Only have one mid day dining res at AK. Would prefer to get am FP’s so we can get more when done with first 3. Also - will be there in Sept with overall low crowds:)

Soarin and 7dmt and TSMM need to get done for sure.

HS and EP have tiered FPP. So you’ll have to decide which headline attraction is a higher priority there.

If you’re flexible on times, the other attractions aren’t too difficult to get.