How important is it to book ADRs at 180 for September?

My 180 day ADR date is this Monday. I start work at 6:30, so at 6am I would be en route. I was looking to get a BOG time for our first day there. Is it imperative that I make sure to sign on right at 6 to get that ADR, or should I be ok with later in the afternoon? BOG is our only concern, as I think the others will be no problem less thank 180 days out.
Thanks in advance!

It is pretty important to get BOG ADRs as soon as possible. In fact, you may find that for your 180 day they are already gone, as people who are staying on-site will have already booked them all using their 180+10 window. If you are staying on-site, the later in your stay you are planning on going to BOG the better your chances are.

Seconding @brklinck, BOG is one you need to get ASAP. I would say that if you really want it, you need to be online at 6 AM. Sorry.

Thanks so much! I think I’ll just leave early and try in the parking lot at 6! And maybe I’ll have a backup date for later in the trip!
I really appreciate the advice!


Good luck! (supportive, not sarcastic). I really sweated getting the V&A Chef’s Table (even harder to get than BOG) and I got it for my 180+7. I would start by checking BOG for as late in your trip as possible…

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While September brings smaller crowds, September also has typically also had “free dining” which makes adrs more difficult to get. I was camping about this time last year and had to hike out of a Canyon onto a ridgeline to get cell service with the moon and a flashlight to light my way, but I was able to snag all my adrs

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Any way you can try to get BOG later in your trip? It is usually easier at 180+.