How I refrained from maiming my DBF - A.K.A - Our first WDW trip

I am trying my hand at a trip report. I will try and include everything, which in the beginning should be easy, as I took meticulous notes. That lasted 36 hours and then it all went to hell in a hand basket. So here goes:

Tuesday 8/13:
We leave for Disney today!!! Unfortunately I had to go to work first. DBF39 was lucky and got today off. Our flight was at 6:25pm, we were already checked in on the Southwest app (B26 & B27 - grr to all the people who get early bird checkin and take all the A spaces :rage:). I worked until 2:45pm and then headed home to pack the last minutes things and drug DBF if needed (first time VERY nervous flier). We had everything ready to go and our ride to the airport showed up (thank God for family who will selflessly shuttle you to the airport). I was able to get DBF in the car with no sedatives. We arrived at the airport, checked our bags (no yellow ME tags as we were landing later and I didn’t want the bags showing up at 1am), and breezed through security. We got to our gate with an hour to spare, and everything was going swimmingly.

We boarded (got seats together right at the emergency door on the wing) and pulled away from the gate. Then we stopped. There was bad weather on our route, so they were re-routing us. This is not good for DBF’s nerves. I keep him calm as best I can, and after an hour, we’re on our way!

For anyone concerned, the plane landed safely, we lived, and I did NOT put DBF in an unnecessarily dangerous contraption that hurtled him thousands of miles.
However I DID forget to pack my little connector so I could plug my headphones into my phone and listen to music :woman_facepalming:t2:. Thank goodness I brought a book!
So anyways we landed, got our bags, and headed for ME. That’s a walk and a half! We got checked in and moments later we were boarding our bus! By this time it was almost 11pm, we were beyond exhausted, and thankfully we were the second stop and got to Pop Century at 11:30pm. I had done online check in and the TP room request fax. I had requested the first floor in the 80’s building 9, on the corner. We got third floor in building 9, on the corner. And we also got to stay in the same room for both of our back to back reservations. So overall, it turned out ok. We had meant to Uber to Walmart after checking in, but we were both so exhausted, we showered and then crashed. First day, coming up, MK with a PPO at CP!!!


Otherwise known as the day I met @missoverexcited! I am nowhere near this day in my trip report!

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LOL! I’m considering a trip with DBF and not yet certain we’d survive (he’s an optimist, I’m a realist). I’ll be reading along. :slight_smile:

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Wednesday 8/14
Day 1:
Alarm goes off at 6:15am. At this point I have no idea what I was thinking booking an 8am breakfast reservation! Still I drag myself from bed and get ready for our first day at Disney. I leave DBF sleeping and run down to Classic Hall for our refillable mugs (we got free dining, QS) and coffee. I also stopped at the front desk, confirmed we have the same room for the rest of our stay, and picked DBF up a first visit pin. They neglected to put his name on it, but that’s ok, it led to some Disney Magic later on. I picked out our mugs (he’s still in bed, so he gets what I pick), and got some much needed caffeine. Back up to the room to wake up Sleeping Beauty and we headed out. We were at the bus stop for MK at 7:29 and got to MK at 7:55. This was a half hour later than I planned, which would factor in on following mornings. We checked into CP at 8:05 and waited to be seated. Took about 15 mins, so we took some pics.

Neither of us are entirely awake at this point. We get seated and immediately see Piglet on his way over. Hugs and pictures, then we go grab our food. The food was very tasty, but alas, we are not breakfast people, so we didn’t eat much. The reservation was booked with the sole purpose of meeting characters and getting into the park early. Mission accomplished! We finished up at about 9 and took off for rides.


We headed for Adventureland first. I wanted POTC (one of my all-time faves) to be DBF’s first ride at Disney. On our way we stopped for our first photopass!

After our picture we were almost into Adventureland and I happened to see @missoverexcited!!! We chatted for a minute, took a picture (which she will need to post, as I don’t have a copy), then waved farewell. We got to POTC shortly after 9 and walked on. This ride is just classic Disney. I love it every time. DBF liked it, but I’m not sure he was awake enough to fully appreciate it lol. Next we climbed SFRTH, then hit JC with a FPP. This is where DBF finally lit up. He loves silly puns, and he kept giggling throughout the ride. Eyes finally open all the way, big smile. Success! He was finally feeling that Disney Magic. After JC we saw ETR (ehhh, out of all the shows I think this is my least favorite, but the A/C was nice). Speaking of A/C being nice, it was time for something ice cold. I was waffling between a dole whip or a citrus swirl. My love of orange won out and I got a float. So so so good!
Then it was time for our SplM FPP. I LOVE this ride. I’m a big coaster/thrill ride junkie. DBF, not so much. He has a fear of heights and does not like drops. But he sucked it up and went on. And immediately upon finishing, informed me he would not be riding again. :joy: As you can see from the picture, I was in my free fall glory!

In order to dry off, we decided to explore TSI. We took the raft over and checked out all the caves, the wonky bridges and the outside of Aunt Polly’s. This is where the heat started getting to me. Even with cooling towels, I was starting to fade fast. We hopped a raft back over and against DBF’s probably better judgement, jumped on BTMRR with FPP. Can’t let those FPP go to waste! But after that I conceded that I needed a break, and we headed back to the hotel for a nap and A/C.


…the title of your post definitely piqued my interest. Glad you didn’t maim anyone


Shes not finished yet :joy::rofl:


Your Pooh cuddle photo is the Best.


So far, he seems to be a trooper, a keeper, lol, we shall see how this trip report ends though! :joy:


true dat

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Wednesday 8/14
Day 1 (Part 2)
Ok, so about the mid day breaks. Before this trip, while planning, I thought they were a complete waste of time. Why would you LEAVE THE PARK when there are rides to be rode???
I was wrong. So very very wrong. One mid day break and everything suddenly was brighter and shinier. I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, and I was not expecting the heat and walking to drag me down like it did. Last time I went to Disney, I wasn’t even 30 yet. Now I’m closing in on 40 and I discovered I just can’t go go go like I used to. The mind is willing, but the body is in a heap on the floor ugly crying. So we decided to reassess and work the mid day break in every day we weren’t planning on sleeping in.
So back to our first day. We woke up around 4 and (slowly) made our way back to the buses. We got back to MK about 5 and headed straight for HM (I had booked a FPP immediately after our 3rd). On the way we noticed that the Muppets were out! I love the Muppets, so we stayed and watched the show. It was so funny.

Then it was time to get our foolish mortal on. DBF really liked this ride, as he should, it’s one of the best. I wasn’t entirely sure where the photo was, so we were caught talking.

After the ride, we popped into Memento Mori for what was to become the BIGGEST moment of our trip. I bought DBF a pin. Actually it was two mystery pins. That was it. Game over. He was hooked. Onto his Mickey ear hat they went, and for the rest of the trip, finding him pins became our mission. I never, while planning this trip, would have thought, in a million years, that he would be into pin trading. Once again I was so very very wrong. He is a pin addict!
After enabling DBF in his addiction, we realized we were starving! We hadn’t eaten lunch, so we headed over to CHH. I mobile ordered (best thing ever) and we went upstairs to sit and eat. We both got chicken and it was very good. We people watched out the windows, and enjoyed our dinner.
Now it was time to get serious with FPP. We got consecutive FPP for WTP, UTS, IASM, and BLYSRS. So in two hours, we had knocked out 75% of my plan for our second MK day! After Buzz, DBF needed coffee, so we stopped and I noticed that the fireworks were starting! We were in Tomorrowland, not great viewing, so we only saw a little bit. I made a mental note to get back to MK one night so I could see the castle projections before we left. MK had EMH that night, so I had planned on riding a bunch more rides. But there was one thing I absolutely HAD to do. Pictures with the lanterns. I fell in love with those pictures, and it was my #1 goal for this trip. We went to Fantasyland and got in line. It took about 20-30 mins, but it was so worth it! They are my favorite pictures from our trip.
It was only 10:45pm by now, but we were both pretty done in, and we hadn’t gotten to Walmart yet (we needed a few things that we decided not to pack) so we called it a night and headed back. Once at a Pop, I called an Uber. I had never used Uber before, but I had everything set up before our trip. Uber is friggin awesome. We ended up using it a lot more than we planned. We got to Walmart, picked up various snacks, toiletries and a hydration bag for DBF, then went back to Pop to crash. All in all, it was a mostly perfect first day!




These are 8x10 or bigger worthy


I forgot to post our steps!
Steps: 23,859
10.4 miles


So, are u doing 1 day at a time or are u posting more? I love this! Its a second hand glimpse of a first timers go!

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Love your lantern pictures!!


you 2 are so cute, love the pics! looking forward to reading more!

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Yes one day at a time…I have 8 days to post, so it’ll be up in dribs and drabs lol


Cant wait!

Thursday 8/15
Day 2:
Originally I had planned to spend a couple hrs at AK this morning, RD KS and wander the trails. Then we would head to HS for our FPP. After our insane wake up time on day 1, we decided to sleep in and just go to HS today. This was one of the only days I had planned to park hop, so I was bummed we wouldn’t really be using our hoppers. That would change.
We woke up around 9:30 and took our time getting coffee, getting our stuff ready and heading to the bus stop. I had been checking on MDE for a HS bus time and there wasn’t one listed…all morning! So we had had such luck with Uber the night before, we called one. Have I mentioned how awesome Uber is?!? I was starting to get super spoiled sitting in a nice car and just going from point a to point b. We got to HS around 11:30 and what is the first thing we do? Head into a store and look for pins! DBF got another two mystery pins and immediately put them on his hat. Fortified with head adornments, we continued on our way. Stopped for the obligatory park icon photo, which gave us our first magic shot! Before we went, I wasn’t too keen on getting magic shots, I thought they looked awkward and silly for grownups. They were actually really fun and cute and DBF ended up LOVING the magic shots! He was full of surprises this trip!

We had a FPP for RRC, so we headed down Sunset only to find another photopass! We had gotten the MM so I was hitting as many photopass spots as possible!

We got to RRC and that’s when DBF threw a wrench in my works. When I had booked our FPP, even though it went upside down, DBF was game to try. However, due to the stress of flying and such, he was dealing with tummy issues and did not want to ride. So I suggested we watch the LMRA and see how he felt after. We sat outside and waited for the show and I had a wonderful conversation with a little girl (probably about 11 or 12). Her dad had woken her up that morning and said “Surprise! We’re going to Disney” She was very sweet. We watched LMRA (adorable) and then headed back to RRC. DBF was still a no go, but insisted I ride it. Which I did, and loved it just as much as I always have.

We had time before our next FPP, so we hit Backlot Express for lunch and sat and watched the Indy show while we digested. I don’t remember it being quite as long, but DBF really liked it. Now we had a FPP for TOT. DBF was still not feeling great and said no way. This was the FPP that I had bled for. I had modified and modified, and finally gotten a pretty good time. DBF told me to ride, but I REALLY wanted to ride with him. So, with tears in my eye, I modified our TOT FPP to ST. That hurt. So much. But I figured, maybe I’d try to get a SDFPP for it later on in our trip, and we made our way over to ST.