How hard is it to get a same day FP for Space Ranger Spin?

Just wondering how hard it is to get a same day FP for Space Ranger Spin. We’re going during Spring Break. I’m thinking about trying to get FPs for the 3 mountains as early in the day as possible.

I usually have no problems getting same day fast passes for buzz.


For some reason I feel like this one has become just a little tougher for my family to snag same day. I don’t think it’s impossible by any means - just not quite as easy as say under the sea is. We just try to hit this one in the first hour or so and have no problem walking right on.

We saw them same-day on a regular basis during our last trip in early December.

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We were able to get same day FPs, but had to split our family of 5 up into smaller groups with overlapping times. I thought it was odd that this attraction was a little more difficult to get.

Depends when you are there. I’ve generally had no problem doing it, but I tend to go at less busy times.

We went in May. I wouldn’t have described it as overly busy. The wait times for most attractions were about the same as our previous September trip.

Touring plans updated their blog with stats on this:

Here’s the relevant graphic from there. The answer is it depends on how busy the park is but even at the busiest times there will be some left by midday (on average)

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When we were there in September last year I got like 3 same-day FP+s in a row for Buzz. As soon as we tapped in I looked for another one, booked it, repeat. I think the CL was relatively low that day.