How good is Skippers Canteen and their kids menu?

I’ve been trying to figure out someplace to eat on our MK day at I keep coming back to this new place. Anyone been?? I don’t see any real basic kids food choices on menu, how is it for little ones?

Also interested in this. Got plans to visit in August with the kids and wondering if i’ve made the right choice.

I’ve been to Skipper Canteen a bunch of times and enjoyed almost every meal. Unfortunately, none of those meals were with kids, so I can’t give you firsthand information, but as a reformed picky eater, I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted to the strange names of things when I was a child. There’s macaroni and cheese and chicken, which should appeal to most kids. It’s really just the menu descriptions that make things sound more exotic than they actually are!

If you’re traveling with kids who don’t like a lot of variety in their meals, then maybe go a few days into your trip? I know last time my nephew was in the parks, it took a few days before he got tired of just eating french fries and chicken nuggets, then my sister found other things he wanted to try.

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Has anyone been here since they changed kids menu? What’s the chicken like for the kids? How the mac n cheese

We’ve been three times with our DD who is now 3.5. She’s really enjoyed it every time - the chicken was her favorite, followed by the fish. She’s not had the mac and cheese (she went for the noodle salad from the appetizer menu last time) so I can’t comment on that. I can’t imagine it’s very different from every other WDW kids’ mac and cheese though.

As FlyerFan said, the menu descriptions really make the food sound far more exotic than it is.

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We went there with DD 9 and DD 7 who both ate from the kids menu. The 9 year old had Mac n Cheese and barely touched it, complaining it was cold (i had to agree with her - it was). Can’t remember what my 7 year old had but again I don’t think she ate much.

Our experience was somewhat tarnished because it was absolutely freezing in the restaurant. Penguins would’ve been huddled together shivering, it really was that cold. We were in the main room and other people were complaining about the temperature too (the server said there was nothing they could do - opening a door would’ve helped). This was why we didn’t complain the food was cold - we wanted to get out before frostbite set in.