How good is Akershus pre-RD breakfast?

Was looking for character dining and lucked into an 8 am Akershus reservation on what was supposed to be our AK RD EMH day. Epcot opens 9 am. I think my boys would love meeting the princesses and the meal, but have seen some reviews that it’s a) rushed and b) leaves you way out in Norway at RD which may not be practical. BUT I LOVE the idea of getting to Akershus.

  1. How good is Akershus breakfast? a) food, b) characters, c) rushedness
  2. How inconvenient is it with respect to being in Norway at RD?
    Thanks for the help, gang. We’re under 30 days so switching would have slightly unpleasant FPP implications, too.

We went as a group of adults last year. Didn’t feel rushed at all, other than ourselves trying to get out for park opening, but with FPP that’s minimized. It’s not totally inconvenient if you want to hit Test Track first, but other than that you are going to be a little behind people from the front of the park. The food was fine, nothing spectacular, but plenty to choose from between buffet and family platters.

No Mickey waffles, correct?

Didn’t look, not a big waffle fan. Plenty of bacon though, that I can vouch for.

I enjoyed it. I have some pics that I’ll post tomorrow. I’m heading to bed right now and can’t keep my eyes open. Just wanted to comment to remind myself to come back here tomorrow.

We did a pre-RD Akershus breakfast. If you are going for the experience, it’s awesome!! I loved the food, loved the characters (some were much better than others), and loved the atmosphere. We were the opposite of rushed. It took too long for characters to get to us, so it really set us back on our plan to get to TT early. We were ok, but definitely behind the RD crowd.

The food is served as family style for eggs, sausage, bacon, and potato casserole, plus a very nice buffet with some Norwegian specialties, as well as plenty of very nice looking fresh fruit, yogurt and toppings, tons of pastries, etc. That was all my kids ate.

Some food pics.

Yum. Thank you all! We’re keeping Akershus, and my lovingly crafted TPs and 60-day FPPs have gone down the drain. :wink: