How fast is 'average' speed?

What is the MPH of the average speed? I’ve been trying to keep my touring plans within 60-70 minutes of walking, and I’m wondering what that means for a mileage estimate. (Obviously the walking time does not include time to get to the park, or outside park touring, but if average speed assumes 4MPH, then I need to adjust.)

I was wondering the same thing. I set my speed to average. But, curious if I need to put a slower pace.


About 3 miles/hour, which is a comfortable walking speed for most people aged 30-ish to 50-ish [cite]


Perfect! 3MPH I can manage nicely, 4MPH would be tougher.

My 2 cents. I tend to use the slow setting when making my plans. It gives me just the wiggle room I need to manage crowds, bathroom breaks, just tired feet. I don’t tend to put set breaks in aside from meals. I always have very fast walkers and incredibly slow walkers in our group setting this way helps me manage


So…with a 5 & 7 year old I should put slow and not average?

If they will be walking instead of stroller I would err on the side of a slow pace. It would probably be unrealistic to expect a 5 and 7 year old to maintain an adult average pace.

I’d say so.

Agree with @faulkh - we always use slow pace to allow for bathroom breaks. Five and seven year-olds are slow by definition.

Thanks… should have been obvious… but don’t eff even think at adjusting the speed till I read this.

Crowds, even low ones, keep everyone from moving at full speed unless you’re just barreling through people… set it to slow, give yourself the cushion :slight_smile:

First trip in 3 weeks just changed all my TP to slow. Didn’t change things by much and we may end up moving faster. But I like the idea of allowing to be slower.