How fast do you have to book fast passes?

How fast do fast passes actually go? I’m not yet at the 60 day mark but am having anxiety about not being able to get 5 fast past tickets together! Anyone have any experience/

When I booked at day 60 in February for our April trip, for 5 people, I got everything I wanted, within an hour of when I wanted it. Including FOP on both days 60 +5 and +6

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The only one I couldn’t get one for close to the time I wanted for a party of 4 was Slinky Dog Dash and I was trying for the 3 day after it opens. FOP was a bit later than I wanted. I got mine for 4:00 PM. I only got on the site about 10:00 AM on the +60 day. These are for the july 4th week.

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And remember that you do not need to have all 5 at exactly the same time.

Example, 2 at 11-12, 2 at 11:10-12:10, an 1 at 11:30-12:30. You can all ride together, 11:30-12:00.

You just need to overlap some, to share the experience.

what day did you get FOP for?

July 4th. CL4 predicted surprisingly.

I mean which day of your trip? Like 60+what?

Book the highest priority, hardest to get ones first. Then you can “set it and forget it” and not worry for the next 60 days.

However, I can say I recently was able to help someone get FPP for several hard to get ones - including PP, Splash, Soarin, and FOP - within 9 days of travel (FOP was achieved within 2 days of park visit, after the person was in WDW, but it was gotten!). I checked several times a day every day after she asked for help so it did require some time and effort but in the end I was Magical :slight_smile:



awesome! We will be 60+3 for AK (we only have a 3 day trip) so fingers will be crossed!

Isn’t that 60+2 then? This particular terminology has always been confusing to me.

Yes, I suppose. Although really its nights we are talking about. “60” is your hotel check in day (night 1). You can make FPP for that day… the next day is 60+1 (2nd day - 2nd night) then the following day is 60+2 - third day. Now, if you check out that day, you will have stayed only 2 nights, but you are eligible for 3 days of FPP. 60, 60+1 and 60+2. It just counts out like that.