How fast do you get to Wilderness Lodge from Airport?

Our flight gets in at 10:25am what’s a realistic time that you think we’d be at Magic? I’m wanting to setup our fast passes

There are several variables that will determine the time frame.
I can tell you that if you are taking Magical Express, WL is the 3rd stop after Poly & GF. So, that ride will be about 45 minutes from departure to the front door at WL.

Are you renting a car or taking Magical Express?

If you aren’t taking ME, you’ll have to get your luggage at the airport.
If you are taking ME, there may be a short wait for the bus.

So, the long answer is, it could be as fast as 1.5 hours or as long as 2.5 hours from landing at MCO to walking into Magic Kingdom.


I agree. I think 1:00-2:00 would be safe.

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We had a similar arrival to WL in August and were heading to MK for the afternoon. We grabbed a quick lunch at Roaring Forks and I had fast passes starting at 2:00. I think we arrived at the park around 2 and went on our first ride around 2:30ish. The times seemed to work well for us.