How fast do cruises book up?

I have never cruised before, DCL or otherwise. If we wait until next week to book a 4 night Bahamian cruise on the Wish for April 2023, will there still be a good selection of rooms?

Pardon my newbieness. :grimacing:

Look at the deck plans for the ship, and have an idea of what type of room you want. The fancier, more expensive, and fewer suites book up much quicker while the numerous ordinary, less expensive cabins will still be available for many months. Of the numerous ordinary cabins, the ones in the middle sections sell out sooner such that you’re left with ones closer to the ends (fore and aft sections) of the ship.

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If you start the booking process online you can see what is available currently before comitting to the deposit. It will give you a baseline for what availability looks like going toward next week. We just booked one for March 2023 and were surprised at how much of the ship was already full.