How fast do 7DMT FPPs go?

I know they go fast, but if booking at 60 days, do I have to be on line right at midnight, or as long as I hit it sometime that day will I be OK? If it’s a factor, it will be Nov 20th, with a predicted crowd level of 33…

May need to try towards the end of your trip if you’re not booking at midnight

Reports here of not getting them in the afternoon 60 days out. I’ve gotten them at 45ish. Maybe depends on crowds

I got on at 12:45… Going on a party night…no fpp for 7dmt or a&e :frowning: trying everyday to grab one

It’s really hit or miss…I logged on today on a whim and got one for this coming Sunday.

I did the midnight plan for 7dmt, just to be on the safe side. got the 9am I wanted. hearing stories of people not getting times or even days they wanted. some people opting to just race at rd time, but to us that was a hassle with littles, crowd, having to be at very front of rd, therefore having to be there extra early.

the ride was down when we got there at 9:15. the line was humongous. we got an anytime today pass b/c had a fpp. beautiful. were able to walk right on ride half an hour later. by then humongous line uber humongous. score.

We’re hearing that Disney holds back some 7DMT FPPs for off-site guests, making them available at the 30-day mark. So you can try that too, @bswan26.

Besides that, I’d suggest checking MDE in the last couple hours the park is open while you’re there. Some inventory seems to get added then, too.

We’re working on an analysis of FPP availability by attraction and hour. Should be out soon.


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Thank you, Len. nice to hear that disney possibly being thoughtful of offsite guests. we’ve stayed both on and offsite over the years, nice to know that disney probably still appreciates all of guests, in true walt type consideration.