How fast can both parks be done?

I will be attending a private party at Universal. Both parks have been reserved and we will have access from 7:30pm to midnight. Since admission to the park is restricted and the number of people limited, I don’t think there will be long waits in any lines. So the question is, is it possible to complete all the rides in both parks in 4 hours?

That is a great question. I don’t believe so - but it would be great to hear. Lets assume that it basically takes 10 minutes per ride - that gives you 6 rides and hour, 4 hours so 24 rides. I don’t know how many rides they have but think it exceeds 24.

Instead of seeing ALL rides - I suggest you hit the ones you want and enjoy them instead of mad dash for every ride. You can spend 4 hours in one of the HP lands alone without getting bored.

Challenge accepted! :smiley:

But in all reality, I was there in Jun (not during a private party, but we never waited in line for a ride for more than 10 minutes). We rode ET, Jurassic Park and all the Harry Potter rides from 10-4. I’d say you can count about 2 of those hours as food and looking around in the WWoHP. So, with those hours taken out we did 8 rides in about 4 hours.

I think with walking between rides and the fact that some of the interactive cues are just long (because they are awesome and tell stories), time is not in your favor. However, if you’ve been before, it might be fun to create a challenge out of it - ride all the thrill rides, ride all the simulators, ride all the _______

If you haven’t been, I’d suggest taking your time - especially in WWoHP if you are into HP.

With an express pass and good plan you could easily do the 12 of 15 of the best rides in both parks

We stayed at royal pacific 3 nights and two mornings out of 3 we did every ride we wanted in both parks before lunch.

Express pass is worth the money

I wouldn’t want to do it without

Depends if it can be used when you are there though and depends on the numbers they are letting in

Also on nights like that maybe they don’t operate the rides to full capacity?

With express pass Bear in mind we only do disney and universal once you decade and travel a long time to get the chance so we want to do it as well as we can

The must dos:

HP both lands and both trains (as they are different) and walking around there as there’s load to look at

Jurrasic park cruise
Jimmy fallon
The mummy

Could do all of those in 4 hours with an express past