How far

I have just booked to stay in Animal Kingdom for 2 weeks which I am really excited about because I have only ever stayed at OKW before but I have been told that AKL is quite far out and takes ages to get to all the parks and Disney Springs ( I hope not because we love to go to Disney Springs at night to eat) can anyone help with times on this and do you share buses with other Disney hotels?

The buses will usually pick up at both Jambo House and Kidani Village. Other than that, they will not share with other resorts.

The travel time isn’t any longer than many other resort to park journeys from various resorts.

I agree - it doesn’t seem much further than many other resorts. Also don’t forget Uber or Minnie Van if you’re desperate to get somewhere quickly – can be worth it.

The one time we stayed at AKL was the only time we rented a car because I’d read horror stories about how distant AKL was and the bus service was sub par. The car sat for the week as the bus service was fine. Relative to the monorail loop or Epcot resorts I guess you can say it is bad in that you have to bus everywhere and can’t just walk to a park, but it is not ridiculously long bus rides…

You should love AKL - the resort is awe inspiring between the great atrium and all the animals…


What others said…You will love AKL and since you are there for 2 weeks, you might come to appreciate being a little further away; plus AKL has some of the BEST onsite dining of any other Disney Resort. I say NOT TO WORRY and enjoy (it’s my 2nd favorite resort)

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Thanks everyone for your quick response it as put my mind at ease and I’m looking forward to trying Boma we have never eaten there before

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FI would add my one issue with staying there was that, at times especially in the evening, it did feel like the parks were a long way off.

Once back at the resort, it had to be something specific to get us to back out again, because there was just so much going on there.

There was one night DS and I were planning to go to AK for the evening entertainment. That lasted as far as Jambo House (we were staying at Kidani) where we ended up in Victoria Falls, watching the drumming parade, drinking cocktails, wandering outside to look at the savannahs. Never did get to AK!

One day, maybe when DH and I go alone or maybe a family trip, my plan is to go back there and have 3 or 4 days pretty much just at the resort. Then move to Bay Lake or BC and do the parks.