How far really IS Carousel from the main parts of SSR?

Subject basically says it all.

I’m trying to work into my budget a Deluxe or Villa Resort for my August trip. (I’m currently at ASMu Preferred, which I’m fine with, but I’d REALLY love that EEH for Epcot, so that would mean Deluxe or Villa I decided that if I’m not Deluxe/Villa I should save the money from staying at a Mod and use it for ILL and souvenirs). Currently with the D+ discount, AKL is in the lead for Deluxe in terms of rate. But a non-preferred studio at SSR is a bit cheaper - I’m just thinking worst-case if I got stuck in Carousel how far is it from the main section of the resort (food, etc.)

Of course, I could just stay put and add a hopper on and just buy an ILL for GOTGCR every day. LOL.That would likely be my cheapest option barring some other big discount coming out.


I can’t answer your question, but for sure, I agree with this statement.

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Thanks. That’s kind of what I’m leaning towards - especially if the EEH stays the same once MNSSHP starts - because that would be 3 late nights in a row (Epcot EEH, MNSSHP, MK EEH).

Wow, you’re right! Although I’m okay with late nights, it’s early mornings I despise.

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The farthest carousel building is about the same distance to the dining area as some of the paddock and congress park buildings. Worst case you take the internal bus or any bus to the main stop. I love SSR.

That said, given there is some variability to deluxe hours I wouldn’t plan on that as my main deciding factor. I think adding PH and buying ILL is the better value.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. I keep toying with doing Pop or AoA which would be a little more than Music Preferred, but since I’m there in August which is still rain/storm season, I’m not sure how much of an advantage the Skyliner would be in the afternoon/evening.


Yeah I personally love the All Stars so I’d stick with that. Especially in a preferred room. Those buildings are only 3 stories vs 4 like Pop too so there are way less people.

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Just got back from 8 days in the last building at Carousel-

It wasn’t that bad at all-

So just for reference I am in need of a hip replacement…only bringing that up because I walk quite a bit slower than my 20 somethings even with my mobility devices…I was there during a “heat wave” - by Florida standards and the walk took me about 12 minutes…I did it several times on my own.

There was only 1 day that the walk was unbearable due to heat ( real feel was 114 degrees ) and to be completely honest my future DIL and I just sat by main pool drinking strawberry daiquiris and eventually got a ride from a CM w/ a golf cart.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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