How far Out To Optimize

I’m sure this has been asked but I can’t seem to find the answer. How far out before your touring date of park is it best to Optimize touring plans?

That’s up to you. I started our last set of touring plans about 2 months out and was making changes until about 1 week prior. My one biggest piece of touring plan advice would be MAKE A COPY first!

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As close to the actual date as possible - the predictions are never set in stone, and Disney can change major factors that influence them (like Park hours) at the last minute.

Yes, some people will even optimize - and reoptimize - while in park. Which really is probably going to get you the most efficient plan.

Personally I don’t like to do that. I generally keep everything the same once I’m within probably 3-5 days of travel (which means that my furthest out dates are not re-optimized for a week or more prior).

I did some semi-final optimizing a couple days before we left and printed copies of the plans in case there was a technology or phone battery issue while we were traveling. Then I optimized several times a day while in the park as rides being down and our quicker than expected walking times changed things as we went. Worked well for us.

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This is our fourth trip to WDW and 4th time using TP. First was Oct trip 6 years ago and TP I know saved us time. Things have obviously changed since then in 2012 with increases in crowds and lines. I know a plan is a must but just hearing about some serious discrepancies in TP times and CL’s gets me a little nervous.

I personally evaluate a day or two before leaving & print my plans. Only if my plans go way off do I optimize while in the park on the app!!

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Thanks for reply