How far out do you start out with TP’s?

You’ll find that you’ll have so much more free time / ride time once those FPP get imputed. You can make a list of your own “Tier 2” rides and attractions to squeeze in with your new free time. GL!!

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I did “rough draft” plans for our January 2020 trip at least 2.5 months ago (before my ADR day). They are REALLY just drafts, and I’ve already changed some dates around, but I have MK1, MK2, EP1, EP2, etc, so all I have to do as I shift days around is change the date on the plan and re-optimize. I haven’t fussed with them in a while now, and probably won’t until just before (to decide what times I WANT to get) and then after FPP day, but it’s still fun to see them on my TP dashboard! :grin:

I may “play around” with TPs early on, but I don’t even begin to get serious until after FPP day - and even then they are more “research” than “planning”. I don’t consider a TP to really be a “plan” until about 2 weeks out.

But I have to say that I don’t really take TPs all that seriously other than as a tool to perhaps indicate what kind of crowds/lines I might have. On my last trip when I tried to follow them “to the letter” the numbers were so far removed from reality that they became pretty much useless by lunch time.

In my 20s I used to measure the “success” of a trip by how many rides I went on. Now, at 60, my perspective has changed. Except for the new ones that have opened since my last visit, I’ve been on everything many times, and I don’t feel the need to do everything on every trip… I figure that between RD and my 3 FPPs, I can pretty much cover all of my “must do” rides and what I do above and beyond that is “extra fun”. I virtually always have 2 TS meals (except at MK where the TS options are, shall we say, “limited”), and enjoy looking at all of the details, architectural elements, etc. I can watch the animals at AK all day.


I doubt I could do dining reservations without at least a skeleton plan. I generally pick the park days according to where EMH is not. Where possible.

We have our favorite places to eat with a new place or two.

EMH informs the dining which informs FPs.

At least for me.


I was new to Disney so I played around a lot. I would recommend doing plans at least a few weeks before ADR day so that you have a good idea what times you want. Of course the waits will change but it never did that much.


Can you believe I am still dragging my heels?

I don’t even have a place to stay lined up. FOR REAL!

My FPP day is 9.13 and I don’t have a clue what my goals should be.
When does HS tiering change?

New tiers start tomorrow!

Thank you.
I have no idea how that’s going to look. :crazy_face:

Im hoping that the crowds stay away for ur HS day. They’re is some, a lot, that say the opening for SW is over rated. That a lot will hold off. The die hards will come.