How far out do you start out with TP’s?

Assuming I don’t have a lot of free time AND I don’t love doing things over and over, when would it be reasonable to plan our days for Nov 11 through Nov 21?

I’ve done a random day at a few parks for practice, but with park hours far from “definite” and no SWGE open, what’s a reasonable time frame to do it once and (hopefully) for all?

I am planning on one day MK, one AK, one EP and two HS. I may start one of those HS days at HS and go to MK.

Should I wait til I have my FPP? Should I do before FPP and see what they say to shoot for?

When do HS new tiers start?

THANK YOU!!! :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

I would do 75 days out, write down the FPs u want with time slots, putting the harder to get first on the list. Get FPs and revise plans after if needed.


Agreed. This is what I’d do. The other option is to make a list of FPP rides you want w/out times and make your plan after you get them. Once you know your FPP selections / times your TP is basically done.

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I do like to do the plan first just bc I like to cut down on the walking a bit, lol.

Me too! Of course I’m already making a plan for a trip 847 days away…so I’m a crazy planner. :crazy_face:


sometimes I make them when I don’t even have a trip planned. I just like to dream.

But for my own trips, I generally have a framework of what parks I want on which days in advance of my ADR date. After I secure ADRs then I feel like I can forge ahead with my TPs because I’ll have a better idea of when I will need to arrive/break/leave/return/etc for park touring around meals.

Then I futz with them every day until I land. And sometimes even then i’m tempted.


Once upon a time I would have enjoyed the tweaking. These days I’m just so stinking busy. And I’m doing it in secret still.

  • Do TP first to guide FPP planning?
  • Do FPP first then do TP

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I have had “plans” for my Dec 2021 trip for about 3 months. Im working on my alt plans and in about 3 months will have plans incase i plan on PHing, lol, I get it.

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Lol, so am I!

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I’m struggling on if I want to park hop. I really want to go RD to close as much as possible at each park. I’m trying to, literally, do it all - rides & shows - since I’ll be solo and can go at my pace.

I’m using the fake plan I made for 2019 as a guide for when I ready for 2021.

Going to DLR Sept. 2020. I haven’t started that TP yet as I want to wait until the end of Sept to get my subscription for the entire time I need it there.

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I think, the only way Ill park hop, is for dining. I found I could spend a full day at each park with just DH and I, no kids to keep content.

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I was actually about to work on my back up plan but accidently hit the update and restart instead of snooze!!! Im dying…

I’ve got bucket list places to eat too. That helps me stay in each park all day. It’ll be Dec. 2021 before we know it!!

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I think Ill sleep through most of 2020, if not, dont know if Im make it sane! DH doesnt want to do a quick trip between.

I was feeling the same. I wasn’t originally going to DLR anytime soon. However, I didn’t think I could take waiting that long for some more Disney Magic. Going to DLR, for the first time next Sept., makes that a new adventure without diluting all the excitement of my WDW 50th plans. My countdown started at 945 days. Now I’ve only got a little more than a year between my Disney trips. (whew!)

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Hmmm, never been either, this may be doable.

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I’m going around the same time, but this is really the first time I’ve used a personlized plan. I think when I went in 2010 I just downloaded off the site. At this point, I’ve built plans for each day (well, up until dinner) but with no FPP. Once I get my FPP selections, I’ll go back and update. My thought process is to basically figure out what I can do without a FPP and then if I do get them it will just be gravy.


I think Dec 2021 is going to be busier than normal. I have to add FP into plans, lol.

I haven’t even activated my AP for this year, but with so much happening in 2021 at WDW, I’ve already told DW that I might want to renew.