How far in advance?

Just curious – how far in advance do you start planning your DW trips?

We just got back two weeks ago and I’m itching to go back LOL Realistically it probably won’t be for 2-3 years, so I’m eyeballing either December 2019 or February 2020. Without a doubt, low crowds will be my number one goal. The fall break crowds + heat were nothing I ever want to experience again! I will definitely pull our son our of school next time around and DD won’t start kindergarten until Aug 2020.

We used to plan about a year in advance and make reservations/ADRs as soon as we could. Now we do rough plans about a year out but don’t actually make reservations until a few months before. This next trip, we made onsite hotel portion just before 60 day FP+ window opened.

As soon as I can book a room, that’s when I start.

Never too early to plan. We always have a wish list of places to eat and things to do.To me, planning is a very enjoyable part of our WDW visits, and I milk it for all it’s worth! :smile:

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Uhhh, while I’m planning my current one :kissing_closed_eyes:. It’s an addiction I tell you! :smile:

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Keep in mind you can always change your plans. But if you wait too long you might have less options. I booked 9 months in advance and i was 2 days late getting my first choice. 2nd choice was only $50 more so no big deal, but $50 is one lunch or a quick dinner for us.

We got back from our last trip in Aug 16, next one will be Aug 19, and I’ve been planning and saving since. Obviously planning is limited this far out, but I’m thinking about what I want from the trip, where we’ll stay, what restaurants I want to try or go back to, etc.


1 year of planning…but I start putting aside money the moment I decide. The trip can be as expensive as you want it with all of the perks and add ons.

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