How far in advance can you purchase tickets?

I just looked up potentially buying tickets for May 2023 and the furthest out the calendar goes is January 2023, with tickets only available for purchase through December 2022. At what point does this cycle over? Do they drop a batch of months at intervals? Is it always 8 months in advance? Or will they release all of 2023 at once later this year?

I would like to buy as far in advance as possible to avoid price hikes, including a potential Genie+ price hike, but if I buy tickets that expire I will just have to pay for the difference later, right?

They are usually released in the early summer.


Next year packages, hotels, etc historically become available in sometime in June for the entire year. If you are definitely going and don’t plan on a package purchasing from Disney will be more expensive than reputable retailers. They also raise prices towards the beginning of the year.

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I have my answer: June 8th! But I won’t be able to buy Genie+ for length of stay. :pleading_face:

Yeah, not 100% sure I wanna keep dealing with their changes. We’ll see what details shake out later.

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