How far in advance can I do a TP?

Hi I am trying to do a TP for early Feb next year - I am getting a 0 min wait for 7DMT - which surely never happens??! The crowd calendar for the same period gives crowd levels in MK as 7-9?? When will these correlate? Thanks

Although I plan my overall “which park which day” well in advance, I don’t even think about daily TPs until the 6 month point or so, and I don’t take them “seriously” until a little before the 60 day/FPP time frame. At about 30 days out I tend to settle on my “final” plans, and then fine tune them a week or so before the trip.

The closer you do them to your trip, the more acurate they will be. You can set them up anytime, to get a general idea of at least what you want to make sure to hit. However, until you have your FPP reservations, you can’t really lock in the plan anyway. So have them done no later than right after you secure your FPP reservations. You’ll probably have your TP up in one browser window while you get your FPP in another so you can work them together.

Normally you can make TPs 1 year in advance, but it sounds like something funny is going on here. Email about this, giving them the plan URL.

A year out you are missing 12 months of data. When I attempted to do a plan 12 months out I got Zero waits for Easter. About 6 months out there is enough data to start basic plans but your wait times will change alot between 6-2 months out. Wait times will be most accurate at 2 weeks out according to len.

Thanks guys I was trying to get an idea of waits as I want to book a 2 week family holiday from the UK. Planning it now. That makes sense I thought the data was compiled based on this years numbers etc. I guess if I find a day soon with a crowd level of 8 and do a plan I should get an idea. Thanks