How early to find spot for fireworks (NOT MK)

I know that in order to guarantee a good spot for HEA, you need to camp out at your preferred location 3 days ahead! :wink: (Okay…may be being slightly hyperbolic there.)

But what about for the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular? And where, exactly, is a good place to be without having to pay anything extra? Thanks.

For JBJB last week we walked up 5-10 minutes before and joined the people sitting nicely throughout the “hub” for the 9PM show. It was a level CL 2 day I believe. Guests remained seated for the whole show, which surprised me.

(In May 2016 we walked down from F! just as it finished and stood on street and sight lines were great. )

Did you end up seeing JBJB and F! In the same night?

Is JBJB a Christmastime replacement for SWGS?

We arrived for HEA 25 mins before and had a fantastic view. For SWAGS, 15 mins. We stood at the edge of the taped walkway just by HBD so nobody could stand in front of us.

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Okay. That’s good info. My wife is only 5’ tall, so if ANYONE stands in front of her, her view is gone!

Yes my mum is 5’ and I’m 5’3 so we are well accustomed to small people problems!

This was our view. The trip before we were almost right at the front but our view was really obstructed by taller people.

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To be perfectly clear, where on this map you say you located, approximately?


We did not see F! This time.


I’d say just above and between the 4 and the FP symbol. I marked the spot with a tiny X.

Awesome! You da man! (Err, uh, woman!)

No problem!