How early to arrive on Thanksgivng Day to MK?

We are going to MK on Thanksgiving Day–Crowd Level 10! We’re staying on-site (WL), and there’s not EMH. How early should we arrive? My kids want to do Dumbo as the first ride to kickoff the trip, and I don’t want to use a FP for that one.

Should be easy to do dumbo first. Not many head there first thing these days. But, is Storybook Circus open right at opening? Seems like it sometimes opens later but hopefully I’m wrong. I’m sure others will chime in. I would still be there an hour before opening just to have plenty of time to get through bag check and get a few pictures on Main Street and in front of the castle.

Thanksgiving 2018 for comparison.

Are you spending other days in MK?

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We’re only going to MK one day and doing about 6 rides max—Dumbo being one of them.

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