How early to arrive for offsite guests

Trying to figure out if we should still plan to get to parking lot 1 hour before park open for offsite or if we should aim for closer to park opening now since we don’t have the 1/2 hour head start.

Depends. If you get there early, you can still get to the front of the RD crowd aside from on site guests. Not sure how much it will save you, but it might save some.

On the other hand, it might not be worth the rush if the advantage is minimal.

You might do better by planning to stay until closing, taking advantage of lighter evening crowds, and giving yourself a but more opportunity to relax in the morning.

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Personally I would go the “stay late” route. But if you want to be there for offsite rope drop, I’d arrive between 1 hour (especially MK since you have to worry about TTC) and 30 min before official opening.