How Early To Arrive at Rivers of Light

We are going to be park hopping to AK in the late afternoon in November on a crowd calendar day that shows a 4 for AK. We will be getting FP+ for AK. This is our first time taking our 15 month old son with us. We have never seen Rivers of Light but have read the seating is limited. Our thought is to get a FP for the show so that we don’t have to arrive as early and have a toddler sitting still for as long. How early do you need to arrive to the show with a FP? How early do you need to arrive if you are in the standby and don’t have a FP? Thanks so much.

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I have only seen Rivers of Light 2x at AK. Both were in late May of this year and one was Standby and the other FP+.

The standby show was on Thurs, May 23, 2019. This was the last show of the original RoL (well mostly original version). We had 3 other FPs planned that day at AK in the afternoon and were unable to get RoL as a day-of FP. Standby worked just fine. My parents entered the standby entrance around 8:20 pm while my sister and I were off using our FPs for Expedition Everest. We were able to join them around 8:45 pm. We used the regular standby entrance which was still seating people at this time and found them in the crowd. Our view in the Standby seating area was excellent. Because our parents entered earlier, they were pretty close to center.

The second viewing was on Wednesday, May 29 for the 10 pm RoL - We are one show (this is the current version that premier on Fri, May 24). This time, we picked up FP+ day-of (around 7:30 pm if I remember correctly). Both the 9 and the 10 pm shows were available at day-of FPs. We went with the later show so that we could enjoy the rest of the part until the 9 pm closing. We arrived around 9:40 pm for the 10 pm show. Lots of FP seating still available. Our view was even better than our Standby spot. We were perfectly center.