How early should you get seats for HEA?

We don’t need the best viewing place, but a good one if possible. Leaving in 9 days!!

Preface: I have not been to the MK since the premier of HEA.

Keep in mind that there are no “seats” for HEA - unless you count sitting on the curb. Back in the days when I would brave the crowds for Wishes, I found that anything less than 30 min on a low crowd day (I don’t go on high crowd days) and your view wasn’t going to be great. Some people would stake out places 2 hours in advance.

HEA is even more dependent on being able to see the whole castle, so the number of “good” viewing locations has been reduced. Because the show is still so new, if I was going in 9 days and seeing the show was a priority (which it would be), I’d plan for no less than an hour. If it’s a high CL day, longer.

Of course you can be there for an hour and think you have it made, and as soon as the show starts the guy in front of you puts his DD up on his shoulders and your view is zero…

I went on Sunday night and got a good spot in the Hub, with a good view of the castle projections,45-50 minutes ahead of time. I was solo, though.

Haha! As soon as I typed the word “seats” I knew someone would take me literally. It was more of a figurative term. But thanks for the info.

We saw it twice last week. The first time we got there at 7:30 and I couldn’t see most of the projections (I’m short). I got a better spot the second time, when I got there at 6:30, though all the ‘best’ spots were already taken by then. Probably depends on how large of a group you have and how aggressive you’re willing to be to squeeze in. And if the people in front of you feel the need to record the entire thing on their iPhones by holding them above their heads.

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