How early shall I arrive to AK to rope drop FOP these days?

My daughter and I are looking to rope drop AK in February on an extra magic hours day with the hopes of riding FOP first and then again with our fast pass later that morning. We rope dropped two years ago and needed to arrive about 2 hours early to be at the front gates and then they let us in 1/2 hour before park open. Are the still operating in the same way? Or what does everyone recommend these days?

I think 60 minutes from park opening are still suggested.

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Awesome, thank you. I know she would be thrilled to ride twice this time if possible.

Keep an eye out for the fastpass drop times too - very handy for getting that second or even third ride

On Monday, we arrived bag check at 7:10 for EMH at 8. We were off FOP a little after 8.

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You still want to get there about an hour early. You’ll need to check on RD waits more once DHS stops using Boarding Groups for RotR.

Right now… you can, literally, walk up to AK about 15 - 20 minutes before RD and be greeted by this “crowd” because everyone is over at DHS trying to get a ride on RotR


(picture was taken last Thursday 12/19/19 a couple minutes after RD… the queue time for FoP was 25 - 40 minutes for the first hour.)

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Depends when you are going. I saw the wait time today at around 10:30 was over 3 hours.

I’d like to hear more peoples’ experiences over the next couple weeks, now that RotR is open, what the impact is on RD at AK. I will be at AK on January 14th.

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But buses don’t leave til like 45 minutes before, right?

personally I would not use disney transportation if i was going to do a rope drop to access a high demand ride like FoP early. uber or lyft.