How early for Garden Grill?

Hello! We’re leaving for Disney this Thursday and taking along my parents for their first trip! We have an 8 AM Garden Grill reservation on Friday. I’ve read that the one level is better than the other for seeing the rotating scenes. How early do you think we need to be there in order to try and make a polite seating request? I’ve also read of people with later reservations showing up early and getting seated, so I want to make sure we’re there in plenty of time. The plan is to try and get Soarin’ in after we eat. Is 7:45 a good time to aim for? Thanks for all of your help. I’ve picked up so many great tips here.

I would say be there around 7:30. They typically open the touch points around 7:45 for those with a PPO reservation. We had an 8:15 reservation and made it to the restaurant first. Everyone seemed to be going to other reservations. We were seated quickly and were finished without rushing by around 8:35/8:40. We used the bathroom and were first in line for Soarin.

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Garden Grill is fantastic! You will have a great time. Just one thing on seating. I found the upstairs level to be much better for photos. The bottom level (closer to show scenes) are all large, wrap-around booths and it is difficult to get people out for photos with characters. You can still see the scenes fine from upper level, just a thought. The restaurant is very open, so you will be able to see the seating situation prior to getting to the check in podium. So you will be able to check out the situation for yourself and see what you would prefer. With an ADR that early you will have no problem getting the level you request. Have a great trip and enjoy your meal. Chip and Dale are really animated at this meal - you will have a great time.


Thanks for the information! It’s our first time at Garden Grill, and we’re so excited! Farmer Mickey!!