How early entry to park with 8:40 breakfast reservation?

The title says it all! We were just able to get an 8:40 breakfast reservation at Crystal Palace! The park opens at 9:00. We have a toddler, so I’d LOVE to get pictures of her in the park with it “empty”. Does anyone know how early we may be able to get into the park? I’ve read only 15 minutes, but I was hoping for earlier. TIA!! :slight_smile:

I would plan on trying to enter at 7:40 with the rest of the preRD crowd but I would be prepared to wait up until 8:30?

Last year we had an early Tours of the Kingdom tour, and weren’t too sure either how we’d get in before the park opened. As we went thru the bag check area, I asked one of the security people about it. He we directed us to a cast member who was holding a “reservations” sign on a tall pole about 20 feet away. From there we were directed to the side of the crowd where cast members were waiting for guests like us. They escorted us to the park entrance … much to the amazement of everyone standing in the front waiting for the park to open. :relaxed: