How early can I arrive for a dinner reservation?

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Jan 8 we have an early dinner reservation at Trails End at fort wilderness. (4:45pm)

I was wondering if anyone has an idea of how early we could arrive at the fort? (We will have a rental car) I was hoping to get there a couple of hours early, so that we could explore the area, maybe check out wilderness lodge also before dinner.

Side question: getting over to WL, is there a bus that will take us?

Thanks so much!

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It will depend on the gate CM if they let you in early or not. Sometimes I will explain: " I was hoping to go through all the shops before my ADR…" Sometimes that works, mainly they say, “OK, this once but next time don’t be so early” I’m talking about GF here.

An option to share. Last week we went to Ft. W via MK TTC. We parked at MK (for free), hopped the ferry and then the boat to the campgrounds. It took about 20-30 minutes but no one stopped us and asked us what we were doing and we could explore, shop, eat, hang out etc.

ETA: after you get to the MK you could take the bus or the boat. We were choosing open air all the way :wink: to try and avoid as many germs as possible.

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That’s a great idea. Didn’t even think about parking at TTC. Thank you!

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If you are staying in property, you could take a bus directly to MK, and then hop on the boat to FW as well.

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There is actually a bus that goes between FW and WL.take the yellow bus from the Settlement area (near TE).

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We have driven to WL as offsite guests and said we wanted to eat at Geyser Point for dinner. We’ve always eaten there but then have taken Disney transportation elsewhere like Poly or FW. We have not had problems getting into WL. But we have gone after 5 pm. If you are staying onsite and already paid to park, I really don’t think parking at WL should be an issue.

I don’t know if the campers will still have Christmas decorations up at FW but they are gorgeous!:heart_eyes:

ETA: Here are some pics from last year.