How early (before 6 AM) have you made dining reservations?

I’m in the midst of making dining reservations for my October trip. We are off-site, so I’m doing day by day. Today I got up at 5:30 AM eastern, and reservations were already available. So I’m just curious…has anyone been able to get reservations even earlier than that? I’ve seen that the expected time was 5:45 AM, but today showed me that maybe that’s not always the case. So far I’ve been making reservations at less in-demand restaurants, but tomorrow I’m trying to get Sci-Fi, and while I know it might be a long shot, I’m willing to get up even earlier if needed! :grin:

I just read a post on WDWMagic from someone who booked at 3:30 ET today for Oct 12th.

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Woah! Guess I’m going to bed extra early tonight! :laughing:

I was able to make mine at 5:45 am in May. I just randomly clicked on a link to check and it was available (I had also checked at 5:30 am just in case and they weren’t available then). I had prioritized my restaurants in a spreadsheet with links (as one does) and grabbed a Savi’s for my first full park day.


I got a text from MouseDining at 5am (and I woke up and booked my reservation) for the west coast. I have no idea what time they are supposed to be released because 5am my time is 3am in Cali so I feel sorry for the locals who want to get a reservation. It’s hard to go back to bed after that…I wish Disney was nicer about this. Best of luck!